We offer courses designed to enhance your professional development by becoming a more effective teacher, coach, mentor and communicator in the English language. You can either choose one of our standard courses Teaching Skills for Teachers, Collaborative Learning, Leadership and Management or we can organise a ‘pick and mix’ bespoke programme for a group of minimum 3 people.


  • Learn how to conduct a needs analysis.
  • Explore different classroom management styles.
  • Practise presenting new language.
  • Review phonetics and its place in language teaching.
  • Examine different ways of checking student understanding.
  • Use technology to present new language.
  • Develop writing skills.



  • Expand your range of teaching techniques.
  • Understand which teaching methods are most effective.
  • Teach reading, writing, speaking and listening skills more effectively.
  • Help your students to become more motivated and autonomous learners.
  • Become more aware of different learning needs and how best to meet them.
  • Gain confidence in error correction by balancing accuracy with fluency.
  • Raise awareness of different strategies for error correction.


Teachers in primary, secondary or adult education, trainers, coaches, mentors etc.
Minimum entry level of English is B1. Minimum class size is 3, maximum class size is 8.


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Located on the coast, south of London, Portsmouth is a lively, historic island-city known for its naval traditions and university.

Our school in Portsmouth is located on the third floor of the beautiful and historic Portsmouth Guildhall. There is lift access to the third floor if you don’t want to take the stairs.

We have brightly-furnished classrooms, Wi-Fi throughout the school and a Student Lounge for you to relax in and access the internet via computer.

There’s a café on the ground floor of the building with a good selection of food and drink at very reasonable prices. You can also enjoy the open space of the park next to the Guildhall to relax in between your lessons.